Yinsheng Zhang (张寅升) Ph.D

Yinsheng Zhang. Born in WeiFang City, Shandong Province, China, in March 1986. Bachelor's Degree: 2003-2008, Zhejiang University. Ph.D: 2008-2015, Zhejiang University.

More than ten years engineering experience in hospital information systems. Participated as the project manager for several information system, including ECG information system, clinical decision support system (CDSS) and electronic medical record system (EMR). Recently working on machine learning and big data.

Associate Professor, Zhejiang Gongshang University
NO.18 Xuezheng Street, JiangGan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Postal Code: 310018
oo@zju.edu.cn    zhangys@illinois.cn


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Research Programs

[1] Natural Science Foundation of China,Study on Food Safety Control Strategy based on Quality Chain Coordination,71433006,2015 - 2019,member

[2] National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863), Medical Information integration and fusion technology and system development, 2012AA02A601,2013.01 - 2015.12, member

[3] Natural Science Foundation of China,Domain ontology modeling and application research based on multi - source heterogeneous HACCP food quality and safety data,61806177,2019 - 2021,PI

[4] China Scholarship Council,Context - Aware Evidence - based Clinical Decision Support(CDS) Services for Health Information System,201808330609,2019 - 2020,PI

[5] Natural Science Foundation of China,Research on Multi - source Heterogeneous Data Fusion Technology Evolution Path Prediction: Taking Food Quality and Safety Rapid Detection as an Example,71801189,2019 - 2021,member

[6] National Natural Science Foundation of China,Research on clinical pathway modeling and analysis based on Process Mining,81101126 ,2010.01 - 2012.12,member

[7] National Natural Science Foundation of China,Associative information extraction from Chinese medical text:30900329,2010.01 - 2012.12,member

[8] Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province,Monocular image depth restoration based on convolutional neural networks,Q17F030003,2017 - 2019,member

[9] State Key Laboratory of biomedical engineering &Nihon Kohden,ECG Information System,2009 - 2011,project manager

[10] Knowledge base system in ShanXi DaYi Hospital,H20122627,2013 - 2015, SSE

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