Hepatitis B virus infection

Last updated: Monday, 06, December, 2010
Presentations Appropriate Tests

Hepatitis B virus testing.

In vaccinated individuals, antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen (anti-HBs) can be used to confirm immunity.

Urinalysis; bilirubin, AST, ALT, ALP; FBC.

See also Hepatic failure, Hepatitis

Acute hepatitis

Chronic carrier state 

Defined as positive HBsAg for > 6 months. HBeAg for assessment of infectivity and risk of chronic liver disease.

Alpha fetoprotein monitoring for detection of hepatocellular carcinoma.

Chronic hepatitis 

Liver biopsy may be indicated.

Chronic delta hepatitis 

Hepatitis delta virus infection occurs only in patients with hepatitis B infection.

See Hepatitis D virus infection.


Hepatocellular carcinoma